Saskia De Tollenaere

Artistic Director - Costume Designer

Olivier Desimpel

Managing director - Concept designer


Unique spectacles and entertainment

For over 15 years Criaturas has been successful in organizing unique private and corporate events for top clients.


We organize these events for the Belgian market from beginning to end. Internationally, we primarily focus on event concepts where our focus lies with the development and supervision of events at the creative and artistic level. Our partners then take charge of the other elements.


We are an exclusive event and animation agency with our own in-house developed acts, animations and performances at haute couture level. Criaturas’ success is emphasized by the awards we have won with our events and entertainment over the past years. In 2016, we took the gold with our "Ecstatic Container Spectacle" at the Benelux Event Awards. In 2017, we too took home a trophy. This time it was the silver for “The market of wonders”.

Who are we?

We are Olivier Desimpel and Saskia de Tollenaere.

Our passion is the driving force behind Criaturas.


We create an experience and memory through storytelling,

whereby each of the events we have developed has its own story.

That story is a unique journey in which the guest can partake.


Both of us have a master’s degree in Fashion and Theater costumes from the KASK,

Royal Academy of Fine Arts, in Gent. After achieving this master,

we went on together and specialized in the overall organization,

concept design and production of private and corporate events.


Each creative idea begins with us, after which we carry out the development and production ourselves. We are therefore not only passionate creators, but also the directors of our unique spectacles and the high-end entertainment.

Why choose Criaturas?

We offer an extensive and high end repertoire of ready developed original thematic concepts which we can tailor make to your requirements. Furthermore, we develop new concepts adapted to your corporate identity, product, image or goals.


Besides complete themed concepts, we also offer the option of separate animations and acts as eye catcher for your event. You can choose from over 300 existing acts and animations or tailor made animations coordinated with the theme of your event.


This website will provide you with many such examples. Allow yourself to be inspired to choose a theme or style and we will make sure that you will always be given a unique product.

Artists bring events to life

Artists are essential and an important added value to our concepts.

A concept without artists does not come alive.


The artists bring the concept and setting to life with their acts and are always “one of a kind”. We personally know all the artists and constantly cast them in a specific role.


We provide appropriate wardrobe, accessories and makeup.

The costumes, designed and created by Criaturas, with countless details and the use of unique haute couture fabrics are very distinctive.

Our mission

Our mission is to move, astonish and bring beauty to your guests with every unique spectacle and each form of entertainment. Have you not found what you are looking for? Then we will make it come to life for you.